Achieving Remarkable Marks with Eumark Electrolytes: Unleashing the Power of Excellence


When it comes to achieving exceptional marking results, Eumark electrolytes have established themselves as a reliable choice. With over 20 years of experience, Eumark has developed a range of electrolytes that deliver outstanding performance and stunning marks. In this blog post, we will delve into the key features and target applications of Eumark electrolytes—M21, M22, M23, and N11. By leveraging their unique properties, including self-cleaning capabilities, dark and impressive marks, noncorrosive properties, and neutralization for corrosion prevention, you can unlock the full potential of Eumark electrolytes and create remarkable marks effortlessly.


  1. M21: Consistent Excellence with Self-Cleaning Capability

Eumark’s M21 electrolyte stands out as a top choice for achieving consistently remarkable marks over multiple applications. With its excellent wetting properties on felt surfaces, M21 ensures a uniform and precise mark every time. To enhance its already impressive performance, applying a thin film of oil using a cloth after marking results in even more exceptional marks. M21 is suitable for a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, steel, and nickel-plated surfaces. With M21, you can effortlessly achieve outstanding marks that leave a lasting impression.


  1. M22: Dark and Impressive Marks with Deep Etching Capabilities

Eumark’s M22 electrolyte is renowned for its ability to create dark, visually striking marks. To elevate the visual impact even further, applying a thin film of oil using a cloth after marking produces stunning results. While M22 offers deep etching capabilities and is suitable for stainless steel, steel, nickel-plated, chrome, zinc, titanium, and other electro-conductive surfaces, it is important to note that regular cleaning of stencils and felts may be required. Additionally, M22’s pH level, close to 7, makes it an ecological choice, reflecting Eumark’s commitment to environmental responsibility.


  1. M23: Noncorrosive Brilliance for High-Corrosion Steels

Eumark’s M23 electrolyte revolutionizes the marking process for high-corrosion steels. Its noncorrosive properties allow you to mark the surface and effortlessly wipe it clean with a dry cloth afterward. M23 eliminates the need for additional steps or neutralizing agents, simplifying the marking process while maintaining the integrity of high-corrosion steels. Whether it’s saw steels or tooling steels, M23 provides a reliable and efficient solution for achieving exceptional marks without compromising the surface’s integrity.


  1. N11: Corrosion Prevention through Effective Neutralization

Eumark’s N11 electrolyte ensures corrosion prevention with its pH indicator and neutralizing properties. After marking, N11 allows you to neutralize the surface, effectively preventing corrosion and ensuring the long-term durability of marked surfaces. Although the pH indicator may fade over time, regenerating it is a simple process. Contact Eumark for support, and their experienced team will guide you through the easy steps. With N11, you can rest assured that your marks will withstand the test of time, remaining pristine and corrosion-free.



Eumark electrolytes are the epitome of marking excellence, backed by over two decades of experience in the industry. Whether you choose M21 for consistent excellence, M22 for dark and impressive marks, M23 for noncorrosive brilliance, or N11 for corrosion prevention, Eumark offers a range of solutions tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, by applying a thin film of oil using a cloth after marking, you can elevate the quality and visual impact of your marks to an even higher level. With Eumark by your side, you can trust in their expertise and support, ensuring that your marking process is streamlined, efficient, and delivers remarkable results. Experience the power of Eumark electrolytes and witness the transformation of your marks into works of art.marking engraving electrochemical